SKOV-SECCO's history began in 2000 when our company entered the dairy ventilation industry in Canada as Secco Plastique. In the beginning, we had a heavier focus on the natural ventilation for the dairy barns. Nevertheless, we already knew that good ventilation in the barn is one of the hygiene factors in obtaining optimal milk production.

Throughout the years, SKOV-SECCO have continuously been developing new lines of products, which also include mechanical ventilation solutions. Until now, our product line covers a complete line of ventilation products designed for all types of livestock breedings, with a greater emphasis on dairy. As the years passed, SKOV-SECCO have become one of the leaders in natural and mechanical ventilation systems intended for modern dairy buildings.

On 1 October 2019, SKOV-SECCO (back then, Secco International Inc.) became part of the SKOV Group (SKOV A/S). SKOV is a specialist in ventilation and farm management for pig and poultry production, with its headquarters located in Glyngoere, Denmark.

SKOV has been operating in the market since 1966 and has become one of the world's leading ventilation and farm management systems suppliers, with over 450 employees.

SKOV-SECCO's natural and mechanical ventilation systems are widely used in the dairy industry. Whereas SKOV, on the other hand, is able to offer a new control technology that allows dairy producers to ensure high productivity and better climatic conditions in livestock houses.