Improving milk production and maximizing the well-being of dairy cows are two of our business’s objectives. With the proper ventilation support, our company has proven to increase milk yields per cow.

That is, for every liter of milk produced, less feed and water are required, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Our products are heavily focused on energy efficiency. Many of our products, such as Big Air PüRe, MegaFan PüRe, ISOCELL, and BlueFan, were designed to be energy-efficient. We manage to save energy on the farm by using low-energy consumption products. We also provide a full range of natural ventilation for the livestock – another option to minimize energy consumption.

Product durability and minimum maintenance are our focus when delivering ventilation solutions. We offer products that last for the life of the buildings, such as chimneys, ducts, roof vents, dampers, and some others.

We are constantly innovating by reducing the number of components used, which makes the manufacturing process more sustainable. We source components from Quebec or Canada whenever possible. In this way, not only are we saving the cost, but also minimizing the carbon footprint when transporting these materials.