Big Air PÜRe ceiling fan

The most efficient ceiling fan on the market with an unmatched airflow per consumed watt!

SKOV-SECCO’s Big Air PÜRe ceiling fan is one of our front runners in mechanical ventilation for livestock houses – thanks to its unmatched airflow, versatile use, energy-efficient motor, and thick but very light blades. This ceiling fan provides tangible benefits in both summer and winter periods and it is perfectly reversible for year-round use. It keeps the barn temperature down, prevents heat stress in livestock, and provides great air circulation in the summer. While over the winter, when the airflow direction is spun clockwise and the Big Air PÜRe ceiling fan is used at a low speed, its slow rotation creates a circular air movement that pushes the air toward the ceiling. This ensures the air gets heated before it reaches the floor level and improves uniform climate conditions in the barn.

Many of our consumers have proved and testified the positive differences in their barns after using our Big Air PÜRe ceiling fan, including in the winter periods. We have heard positive reports that the air humidity in the barn has significantly been reduced, the frosting problem has disappeared, and healthier cows after improved air circulation.

Our Big Air PÜRe ceiling fan has very light 5 blades and comes with a special design. The more aggressive design of the wider blades optimizes aerodynamics, the downward airflow, and reduces the noise level to the minimum. The blades are also thicker to better withstand vibrations. The “Blue Machete” whips the air at the ends of the blades and thus increases its speed. It also widens the air intake area for better circulation. The “Blue Machete” increases the performance by 5%.

Features and benefits:

  • New revolutionary safety system to prevent propellers from coming off
  • Reliable mounting system - completely isolates the fan unit from the facility structure
    The system prevents any vibrations or movement from the fan being transferred back to the structure. An optional drop mount is also available.
  • Extremely quiet, even at high speeds
  • Contains a German synthetic oil specially designed for a long lifespan
  • Anti-corrosion anodized aluminum aerodynamic blades
  • Covers a very large area
  • Lifetime warranty on blades and 8 years warranty on other components
  • Maintenance-free SEW Eurodrive gear motor manufactured according to IE3 rating class, UL / CSA / CE approved, and 8 years warranty
  • The gear motor technology is a modular system complete with an energy-efficient motor and an adapted gear unit optimally matched to each other. Without couplings and transmission elements, this high-quality system represents the optimum drive solution.
    • Easy variable remote with reversible function
    • 12-year extended warranty is available

See the performance data of the Big Air PÜRe ceiling fan below:

Big Air PÜRe ceiling fan performance data

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Big Air PÜRe ceiling fan application in livestock houses