Natural ventilation with nearly 3X the insulating power of any other system on the market today!

Utilizing our patented technology of the ISOCELL™ membrane, ISOCELL® X-Wall offers triple more insulation capabilities than regular curtains. Without a doubt, SKOV-SECCO’s ISOCELL® X-Wall is the most insulating natural ventilation solution for livestock houses, which includes dairy, goat, and calf barns.

In this inflatable curtain system, the “X” structure of the membrane inserted inside two films by the ISOCELL® X-wall technology offers the possibility to manufacture this unique ventilation wall while having multiple insulating cells.

This new insulated barrier of the Multi-Wall ISOCELL® X-wall minimizes the heat transference of the colder external air and the warmer interior air cells.

Our unique system includes rigid top and bottom moldings designed to prevent unwanted air and water infiltrations and create an effective windbreaker during the winter when the minimum ventilation stage is in function.

By eliminating the heat transfer, the Multi-Wall ISOCELL® X-wall is the most insulating and efficient system on the market that shields livestock houses from the freezing winter!

  • 3X more insulation R4.4 (U1.3)
  • Elimination of ice formation
  • Excellent luminosity
  • Improved lowering of the membrane due to the X design
  • Stronger, more solid core structure
  • Continuous opening up to 10 feet (3 meters) and double opening up to 20 feet (6 meters)
  • Allows abundant amount of fresh air into the building

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ISOCELL® X-wall application in livestock houses