BF 50 wall fan

High-performance, energy-efficient, intelligent design, long durability

SKOV-SECCO’s BF 50 wall fan is our newest and latest addition to our wall fan series for livestock houses, in collaboration with SKOV A/S. It is direct-driven with minimum energy consumption while still ensuring a high airflow ratio and long durability. The pressure-stable design enables the fans to run efficiently and always ensures the optimum climate conditions in the barn. BF 50 wall fan is ideal for tunnel-ventilated barns and Combi-Tunnel for side mode and Tunnel mode ventilation. It also ensures a minimum energy consumption to exhaust air from the barns. Thanks to its pressure-stable design, the fan runs optimally despite windy weather.

Regardless of the harsh environment, the BF 50 wall fan will stay sturdy and perform – thanks to the thermoplastics and stainless steel materials it is made of. Service and replacement are minimized with a separate motor and controller, and you can have peace of mind all year long.

The BF 50 wall fan is available in variable speed, ON-OFF air-controlled shutters, and ON-OFF motor-controlled shutters. The variable speed and ON-OFF motor-controlled shutters have better airtight shutters with a high degree of insulation, preventing drafts and minimizing operation when the fan is not in operation.

Features and benefits:

  • Minimum energy consumption with high capacity
  • Direct driven fans - meaning that no adjustment and maintenance of belts are needed
  • Long durability with separated motor and controller
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • Air-controlled shutter system - easy to install
  • Arrived assembled

See the performance data below:

BF 50 wall fan performance

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➡️ Download the performance data here.

BF 50 wall fan application in livestock houses