Tunnel ventilation

The system is most suitable in regions with warm summers and mild winters. Tunnel ventilation is a negative pressure system suited for all types of livestock production.

Tunnel ventilation has recently become one of the most attractive and revolutionary concepts used in the dairy industry, significantly relieving heat stress during hot weather conditions. Tunnel ventilation is the best system to cool the cows using air velocity to maintain their productivity. We recommend this system where the barn's design is headed towards a longitudinal design. Several contributing factors to using this system include the size of the herds and the cows' traffic strategy. Fresh air is taken in through a Tunnel opening at one end of the building, and the air is led out at the other end of the building. A baffle system can be installed to achieve a higher airspeed in the barn without adding more ventilation capacity. Baffles installed crosswise in the barn increase the average airspeed in the entire barn.

For additional cooling in extremely warm regions, a dedicated cooling system can be added to the ventilation system. We would recommend adding pad cooling or high-pressure cooling that reduces the incoming air temperature for better cooling, in combination with airspeed. Integrating pad cooling in a tunnel-ventilated barn in hot areas with low humidity makes it possible to reduce summer temperatures by up to 20 degrees.

A dedicated climate controller would be needed to make all the elements work in coherence and as they should be. In this way, it can operate all of the individual components in this system. In a situation where the temperature in the barn rises, the controller will not only turn on the wall fans but will also simultaneously start closing the sidewall curtains. This ensures that all air is coming through the tunnel-ventilation inlets. Our versatile BlueControl climate controller also works synchronically, adjusting the pad cooling to follow the targeted set temperature in the barn.  

Tunnel ventilation system

Benefits of applying SKOV-SECCO’s Tunnel ventilation:

  • Low initial costs
  • Temperature stability within the livestock house
  • Energy-efficient running cost
  • Environmental stability will increase farmers’ profitability
  • Cooling through air velocity
  • No wastewater from the evaporative pad cooling
  • Removal of excess heat and harmful gases
  • Dry and comfortable bedding
  • Efficient and easy climate control
  • Healthy and productive cows

Equip your tunnel-ventilated barn with:

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Making Tunnel ventilation work effectively requires careful design and high-quality ventilation equipment. SKOV-SECCO has over 20 years of experience in designing ventilation for livestock houses mainly dedicated to dairy, and we have installed many Tunnel-ventilated barns in multiple countries.

Tunnel ventilation system application in livestock houses

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