Abundant natural lighting with excellent insulation capability!

SKOV-SECCO’s Lumiridge system is our reliable roof solution as a part of natural ventilation solutions, allowing maximum brightness into the livestock building due to the insulated and translucent Lumiwall panels. Lumiwall panels have a 5-layer structure equipped with an R3.6 (U1.6) insulation factor. This unique and high-performance roof system can be installed with or without SKOV-SECCO chimneys and ensure excellent natural ventilation in the building. However, we recommend combining it with SKOV-SECCO chimneys, as our chimneys have insulated intermittent dampers ensuring better control.

To get optimal breeding and milk production conditions, it is essential to have a complete and integrated natural ventilation system to ensure maximum adjustment in all states. There must be constant synchronization between sidewall openings and centralized evacuating chimneys for appropriate air exchange and movement. For adequate natural ventilation, you need to have an insulated roof gable to preserve higher temperatures - this will enable the required convection effect to evacuate excessive humidity. The combination of SKOV-SECCO Lumiridge and insulated damper chimneys in intermittent and automatic mode is specially designed to keep desired conditions while getting optimal evacuation of humid and stale air.

Features and benefits:

  • Lumiwall panels are made of light and rigid polycarbonate
  • The structure is made of aluminum
  • The polycarbonate panels and the very rigid aluminum structure provide the Lumiridge system with a snow load capacity of up to 2.8 kN/m² (57 psf).

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Lumiridge application in livestock houses