Cows cannot dissipate their heat load and do not sweat effectively. Therefore, they rely on respiration to cool themselves. In addition, heavy cattle are more affected by heat stress than lighter-weight cattle. Increased fat deposition prevents cattle from regulating their heat effectively. Because of the cows’ lacking ability to release heat, it may have severe consequences in hot periods, such as reduced dry matter intake that affects a significant drop in milk production, weight loss, breathing problems, reduced reproductive performance, and even death at the extreme situation will follow.

SKOV-SECCO offers two variants of cooling solutions for the barn - high-pressure cooling and pad cooling. Great emphasis is attached to quality and flexibility when developing Secco’s cooling products. Quality is ensured by using very reliable components with long service life. Both cooling systems are made of standard components that can easily be adapted to the individual barn.

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Cooling solutions for dairy barns by SKOV-SECCO