Secco transforms to SKOV-SECCO

SKOV-SECCO is the new corporate brand for Secco International and Secco Europe

As of 15 January 2024, we are officially launching our new corporate brand, SKOV-SECCO, merging Secco International and Secco Europe (via SKOV). This rebranding reflects our strong commitment to the global dairy industry and our forward-thinking approach.

Rebranding is the next step to harness the synergy created by the strengths of both companies.

With this enhanced synergy, we aim to provide superior services to our clients and improve dairy productivity throughout on the many continents in which our products are distributed.

Future-proof products and data-driven solutions are at the heart of our market approach. The new SKOV-SECCO represents a new level of innovation and knowledge from two continents, optimizing dairy production in various climates, regardless of our customer's location.

The corporate brand update is part of the ongoing initiatives following the SKOV-SECCO business, including changing the corporate logo, website address, and staff members' email addresses. You will see gradual changes throughout different communication materials.

The following is the new corporate logo for SKOV-SECCO.


The payoff, 'United by Dairy,' encapsulates the core of our collaboration and rebranding efforts. Together, we are considerably stronger and better equipped to address the challenges dairy producers face today and encounter in the future. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Jamie Breton                                                                 Leo Østergaard

CEO, Secco International Inc.                                      CEO, SKOV A/S

T: +1 450 771-0777                                                         T: +45 5213 5520


On 1 October 2019, Secco International joined the SKOV Group. Since then, the joint forces have launched several initiatives to leverage their strengths and improve on different areas globally.

Secco, headquartered in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada,  is one of the leaders in natural and mechanical ventilation systems for modern dairy barns, with 23 years of expertise.

SKOV, headquartered in Glyngoere, Denmark, is a global company with over 40 years of demonstrated experience, specializing in ventilation and farm management for pig, poultry, and insect production.



New CEO for Secco International

Effective April 1, 2023, current CEO Jasmin Lortie will be handing over the reins as the CEO of Secco International to Jamie Breton to pursue new opportunities outside of Secco International.

Jamie has accepted this honor enthusiastically, leaving her current position as Director of Operations to take on this new role.

Using her eight years of experience at Secco International, we are confident that Jamie is the right fit for this new position due to her knowledge, leadership capabilities, and dedication.

We wish Jamie and Jasmin the best of luck with their new endeavors.



New Sales Manager for Canada & USA

Just before the summer 2022, SKOV-SECCO hired a new colleague, Colin Laroche, who is responsible as Sales Manager for Canada (excluding Quebec) & North America.

Colin knows the dairy industry in and out. He has shared his passion by working in the industry for over 25 years.

Colin’s well-rounded experience and knowledge in dairy have come into practice wholeheartedly, from milking cows to farm building and equipment sales and installation.

Having customer-centric and solution-oriented as his values, Colin focuses on giving the best service to his customers.

You can reach Colin and our dedicated sales team here.