The perfect solution for your natural ventilation - combining transparency, double insulation, and rigidity!

ISOCELL® Z-wall is one of our front-runners and best-selling products in natural ventilation solutions for livestock houses, including dairy, goat, and calf barns. This inflatable curtain system is a perfect solution for a continental climate and areas where there are severe cold winters. Our ISOCELL® technology has a patent that offers 2x insulation than the regular curtains.

The ISOCELL® membranes act as partitions, which can be inflated to create side openings in a building. Using our system of high-performance blowers, which is always included, it is possible to close or open building walls simply by adjusting the number of blowers that push pressured air into the membranes of these side partitions. It is, therefore, possible to partially or entirely open and close the side openings to allow fresh air into the building.

The “Z” structure of membrane inserted inside two films by the ISOCELL® Z-wall technology offers the possibility to manufacture this unique ventilation wall, while having multiple insulating cells.

This new insulated barrier of the Multi-Wall ISOCELL® Z-wall minimizes the heat transference of the colder external air and the warmer interior air cells.

By eliminating the heat transfer, you benefit from both the most insulating and economical natural ventilation system for livestock houses on the market with the Multi-Wall ISOCELL® Z-wall!

  • 2X more insulation R3.0 (U1.9)
  • Excellent luminosity
  • Decreases or eliminates the formation of ice on the curtains
  • Stronger, more solid core structure
  • Improved lowering of the membrane due to the ‘Z design’
  • Allows abundant amount of fresh air into the building
  • Greater comfort for animals and buildings
  • Continuous opening up to 10 feet (3 meters) and double opening up to 20 feet (6 meters)

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The unique technology behind the ISOCELL® membrane

ISOCELL® Z-wall application in livestock houses