ELITE dairy ventilation

This unique and fully integrated ELITE dairy ventilation system gathers all the necessary parameters for highly productive dairy cows to achieve optimal environmental conditions. The high-tech modules that are part of the program allow a simple, efficient, and preventive management process. The on-screen data is user-friendly, multilingual, and facilitates remote access and climate regulation.

The ELITE dairy ventilation system is an integrated system suitable for regions with a continental climate, which experiences hot summers and severely cold winters. This system consists of natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, management, and a complementary cooling module.

System – summer

The lack of a "chimney" effect in warm periods means that most of the air exchange is created by the wind pushing air through the curtains. ISOCELL® Z-wall and chimneys are entirely open to facilitate as much air exchange as possible. For safety measures, the ISOCELL® Z-wall will close in case of strong winds and rainfall, and by integrating with our BlueControl climate controller equipped with the rain sensor, it is easy to adjust the air inlets. Mechanical ventilation is an integrated part of the ELITE Dairy system, and it is necessary to use it during the hot summers to combat heat stress. Big Air PüRe ceiling fans will rotate at higher speeds, creating downward air movement and a strong velocity that cools the cows at the feeding table and in the walkway with airspeed. During the summer and winter, the fans also dry the ground and animal bedding and eventually reduce the humidity in the barn.

We highly recommend adding a complementary cooling module to the system for additional cooling in extremely warm regions. High-pressure misting is recommended as a cooling module that can effectively prevent milk production from decreasing due to heat stress, especially during hot, dry weather. The ELITE Dairy system's individual elements are adjustable easily with our BlueControl climate controller, which is also equipped with heat stress alerts and Temperature Humidity Index (THI) reading and adjustment. All in all, the optimum environmental conditions in the barn will be achieved by having all of this equipment integrated and working in cohesion.

ELITE dairy ventilation - summer

System – winter

Our goal is to maintain thermal equilibrium in winter to give comfort to the cows. To generate heat in the barn during the winter, in everyday practice, the barn utilizes the heat produced by the cows. Warm air generated by the cows rises and exits through the adjustable chimneys by an airflow pattern called the "chimney" effect. The warm rising air by convection creates a vacuum that lets in fresh, colder air from the adjustable side curtains. However, the harder the climate in the winter is, the better the insulation factor of the walls and roof needs to maintain the temperature differential required for convection in the barn. It is more optimum in a continental climate to have the air inlets insulated and the adjusted air outlets.  Thus, SKOV-SECCO’s ELITE Dairy system uses the extra insulating capabilities for the air inlets provided by our ISOCELL™ membranes, which are found in our ISOCELL® Z-wall that provides dual insulating power or ISOCELL® X-Wall with nearly 3x insulating ability of regular curtains.

As for the roof, our Lumiridge provides more excellent insulating capabilities than traditional roofs, and we would recommend you combine it with our chimneys. Furthermore, both ISOCELL® and Lumiridge provide incredible luminosity and abundant natural light to ensure well-lit and better comfort in the barn. Adjustable chimneys ensure the correct air exchange for optimal climate conditions inside the barn.

Mechanical ventilation is an integrated part of the ELITE Dairy system. It is also needed to ensure animals’ comfort as most barns cannot, unfortunately, rely on natural ventilation alone to give the desired result. Big Air PüRe ceiling fans rotate slowly, helping the natural ventilation circulate the cool, dry air from the wall openings towards the chimneys. Big Air PüRe ceiling fans also create a circular air movement and recirculate the heat that has been accumulated under the ceiling. This ensures uniform climate conditions in the barn and fresh air for the cows during the winter without creating a cold draft. These individual elements of the ELITE Dairy system are adjustable easily with our BlueControl climate controller.

ELITE dairy ventilation - winter

Benefits of applying SKOV-SECCO’s ELITE dairy ventilation:

  • Low running cost
  • Cooling through air velocity and misting
  • Precise and more optimum climate in both summer and winter
  • Removal of excess heat and harmful gases
  • Abundant luminosity in the barn
  • Efficient and easy climate control
  • Healthy and productive cows all year round

Equip your ELITE dairy ventilated barn with:

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ELITE Dairy is a groundbreaking ventilation system designed by SKOV-SECCO. Making ELITE dairy ventilation work effectively requires careful design, precise measurement, and high-quality ventilation equipment.

SKOV-SECCO has over 20 years of experience in designing ventilation for livestock houses mainly dedicated to dairy, and we have installed many ELITE dairy-ventilated barns in multiple countries.

The ELITE Dairy ventilation system application in livestock houses

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