Equal pressure ventilation

This system is suitable for most livestock houses in temperate climates. The equal pressure system is suitable to be installed in monoblock houses or when the livestock buildings are positioned closely together. The same applies if the livestock house is situated in areas prone to strong winds.

Equal pressure ventilation ensures that air is distributed evenly and optimally. You can adapt the system to livestock houses that are extremely difficult to ventilate due to their location, air leakage, wind action, and so on. The barn receives fresh air through roof inlets, and fans in the inlets and outlets maintain neutral pressure (equal pressure).

The recirculation features of the roof inlets also help to reduce heating costs during the winter in cold areas. Recirculation fans can be added to the design of these intake chimneys to provide benefits. The recirculation fans mix in fresh air from outside with inside air. This preconditions the air before it is directed down to the cows.

Equal pressure ventilation Secco

Benefits of applying SKOV-SECCO's Equal Pressure ventilation system:

  • Adaptable, even in barns that are extremely difficult to ventilate.
  • Equally distributed air and optimum ventilation in the house all year.
  • Suitable for non-sealed houses exposed to intense wind action.
  • A suitable solution for monoblock houses or houses where not all of the outer walls are free-standing.
  • A reliable solution, also during the winter, as recirculation reduces heating costs.

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Making Equal Pressure ventilation work effectively requires careful design, precise measurement, and high-quality ventilation equipment. SKOV-SECCO has over 20 years of experience in designing ventilation for dairy barns.

Equip your Equal pressure-ventilated barn with:

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