Basket fan

High-output performance and low-cost recirculation fan

SKOV-SECCO’s Basket fan recirculation combines high output performance, low cost and maintenance, and energy efficiency to give you one of our best-valued recirculation fan series with a high-velocity air pattern. The impeller pitch and motor are designed to provide maximum airflow output and quiet operation at the same time.

The Basket fan is versatile and can be used in various applications, especially for livestock houses. The exceptional air velocity is ideal for animal cooling in dairy barns which prevents heat stress.

Features and benefits:

  • Heavy wire with powder coating finishing to prevent corrosion for years
  • Airflow design to maximize the efficiency
  • Three blades are made with nylon PA66 + fiber reinforcement
  • Impeller pitch and motor are closely matched to provide maximum airflow output and the best efficiency
  • All stainless steel base and guard
  • All top motion motors are designed and rated for years of trouble-free and quiet operation with high-efficiency
  • Swivel mounting bracket for multiple mounting (ceiling, post, and wall)
  • CE and cCSAul certification
  • Optional OSHA-approved safety guard
  • 1-year warranty on all parts

When appropriately applied, you can use our broad  range of recirculation fans in the following applications:

  • Air de-stratification reduces heating and cooling bills
  • Air exchange when placed in a wall opening or open sidewall buildings
  • Consistent air temperature throughout a room, building, or barn
  • Heat stress relief indoors and outdoors for young and adult livestock
  • Surface drying (including animal bedding)
  • People and animal cooling
  • Machine/compressor cooling
  • High-velocity air cooling
  • Insect control

See the performance data below:

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Basket fan application in livestock houses