Natural+ ventilation

This system is suitable in most regions with warm summers and cold winters. Air exchange in the barn occurs by the natural ventilation principle. The Natural+ ventilation system is most suited for mid-sized to small-sized barns due to the physical restrictions of the ventilation principle.

System – winter

Warm air generated by the cows rises and exits through the adjustable chimneys in an airflow pattern called the "chimney" effect. The warm rising air by convection creates a vacuum that lets in fresh, colder air from the adjustable side curtains. Adjustable chimneys ensure the correct air exchange for optimal inside climate conditions. Big Air PüRe ceiling fans rotate slowly to create a circular air movement that pushes air toward the ceiling, thereby heating it before it reaches floor level. This ensures uniform climate conditions in the barn and fresh air for the cows without creating a cold draft.

For extra insulation in areas with colder winters, we recommend applying an inflatable curtain system of either ISOCELL® Z-wall with dual insulating power or ISOCELL® X-Wall with nearly 3x the insulating ability of regular curtains.

Natural+ system - winter

System – summer

The lack of a "chimney" effect in warm periods means that most of the air exchange is created by the wind pushing air through the curtains. Curtains and chimneys will be entirely open to facilitate as much air exchange as possible. For safety measures, the curtains will close in the case of strong winds and rainfall. Big Air PüRe ceiling fans will rotate at higher speeds, creating downward air movement that cools the cows at the feeding table and in the walkway with airspeed. Recirculation fans installed above the stalls cool the cows with airspeed to maximize laying time in the stalls.

A dedicated cooling system can be added to the ventilation system for additional cooling in extremely warm regions. We would recommend adding high-pressure cooling that reduces the air temperature directed across the stalls for increased cooling, in combination with airspeed.

Natural+ system - summer

Benefits of applying SKOV-SECCO’s Natural+ ventilation:

  • Low initial costs
  • Low running cost
  • Cooling through air velocity
  • Removal of excess heat and harmful gases
  • Efficient and easy climate control
  • Healthy and productive cows all year round

Equip your Natural+ ventilated barn with:

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SKOV-SECCO has over 20 years of experience in designing ventilation for livestock houses mainly dedicated to dairy, and we have installed many barns with the Natural+ ventilation system in multiple countries.


Natural+ ventilation Ferme Lieutenant

Natural+ ventilation system application in livestock houses

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