Combi-tunnel ventilation

This system is suitable for subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Combi-tunnel ventilation is a negative pressure system suitable for regions with great daily or seasonal temperature fluctuations or great temperature differences between day and night. It ensures optimum conditions for the animals by switching between ventilation principles based on the outside temperature and the age of the cows.

System – summer

During warm periods, fresh air is supplied through a tunnel door opening to create a cooling airflow lengthwise in the barn with tunnel ventilation. The air outlet is conducted through wall fans.

Secco Combi-Tunnel summer

System – winter

Fresh air is taken in through wall inlets, roof inlets, or ceiling inlets during cold periods, thus creating minimum ventilation to remove the excess humidity and heat of the animals. Furthermore, the air velocity is kept at a low level. The air outlet is conducted through chimneys or by using some of the wall fans.

Secco Combi tunnel - winter

Benefits of applying SKOV-SECCO’s Combi-tunnel ventilation system:

  • Optimum house climate
  • A cooling effect through air velocity during warm periods
  • Minimum risk of draft nuisances during cold periods
  • Removal of excess heat, humidity, and harmful gases
  • Efficient and secure climate control

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Making Combi-tunnel ventilation work effectively requires careful design, precise measurement, and high-quality ventilation equipment. SKOV-SECCO has over 20 years of experience in designing ventilation for livestock houses mainly dedicated to dairy.

Equip your Combi-tunnel ventilated barn with:

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