Side ventilation

This system is suitable for most houses in temperate climates. Side (LPV) ventilation is a negative pressure system developed for animal production. This ventilation system ensures accurate adjustment of temperature, air humidity, and air velocity.

In the side ventilation system, the wall, ceiling, or roof inlets supply fresh air. During warm periods, the air enters the same way but is sucked into the livestock house at a higher speed. It results in air circulation around the cows, and they are cooled without perceiving the increased air circulation as a draught.

During cold periods, fresh air is mixed with the house air before it reaches the area occupied by the cows. The system automatically adapts ventilation based on the outside temperature and the age of the cows.

The exhaust units can be adjusted according to the Dynamic MultiStep principle, which substantially reduces power consumption.

Secco side ventilation

Benefits of applying SKOV-SECCO's Side ventilation system:

  • A stable and uniform climate in the barn all year
  • Easy to install
  • Low power consumption
  • Energy-efficient running cost
  • Optimum utilization of incoming air
  • Removal of excess heat and harmful gases

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Making Side ventilation work effectively requires careful design, precise measurement, and high-quality ventilation equipment. SKOV-SECCO has over 20 years of experience in designing ventilation for dairy barns.

Equip your Side-ventilated barn with:

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