Hybrid ventilation

Hybrid ventilation is a combined system using both mechanical and natural ventilation. The barn is designed in this case, almost like a Tunnel ventilation system, but with the addition of an adjustable ridge or chimney with adjustable shutters. This system also has full curtain sidewalls, which are used to control the size of the air inlet opening during the summer and winter seasons.

Hybrid ventilated barns typically have a low roof pitch and gable fans at the far end.

System – summer

During warm periods, the barn ventilates following Tunnel principles. Fresh air is taken in through the Tunnel door opening to create a cooling airflow lengthwise in the barn. The air outlet is conducted through wall fans at the end of the building.

Secco hybrid ventilation

System - winter

During cold periods, the barn is naturally ventilated. Warm air generated by the cows rises and exits through the adjustable ridge or chimneys by an airflow pattern called the ‘’chimney effect’’. The warm rising air by convection creates a vacuum that lets in fresh, colder air from the adjustable side curtains, which are slightly open.

Secco Hybrid ventilation - winter

To make all the elements work in coherence and as they should be, a dedicated climate controller would be needed. In this way, it can operate all of the individual components in this system. In a situation where the temperature in the barn rises, the controller will not only turn on the wall fans but will also simultaneously start closing the sidewall curtains. This ensures that all air is coming through the tunnel-ventilation inlets. 

Benefits of applying SKOV-SECCO's Hybrid ventilation system:

  • Great flexibility and well-ventilated barns across all seasons
  • Energy-efficient running cost
  • Efficient climate control
  • Removal of excess heat and harmful gases
  • Healthy and productive cows

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Making Hybrid ventilation work effectively requires careful design, precise measurement, and high-quality ventilation equipment. SKOV-SECCO has over 20 years of experience in designing ventilation for dairy barns.

Equip your Hybrid-ventilated barn with:

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